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A Technological Victory in the Financial Field

A hedge fund that focuses on trading options and shares of the American market. The private partnership operates with short-term, diversified strategies and widespread shares.
Arthur Ben Moshe, Fund Director
“As part of the technological breakthroughs that have overwhelmed us in the last decade, we see the apps that are changing the rules of the game in many areas. As someone involved in the apps, it was an opportunity to generate surplus value, for investors in the capital market”.
Automation engineer. Has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of algorithmic trading technologies, data science and artificial intelligence.

Surplus Return, Consistent And Independent of the Market Situation

At the heart of the fund’s decision-making system, groups of artificial intelligence are used, similar to an organizational structure.
The system operates on advanced and automatic computing forces that produce conclusions from a vast and dynamic database of fundamental and technical data.
The innovative method of application, which differentiates the fund from traditional funds, allows for more opportunities and taking advantage of them accurately, efficiently and consistently.

Use of hardware technologies and advanced application methods accurately and efficiently
Business ties with leading parties in financial markets and technological development branches
Leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities as a tool for decision-making, process optimization and improving performance
Control of various financial instruments, strategic trading and expertise in risk management
Secure and stable interfaces for brokers and databases
Automatic portfolio management, taking into account all aspects of risk management, the investment portfolio and the situation in the financial market

The Technological Investment Process

Data sources
Technical and fundamentalist data processing
Examining strategies and all aspects of risk management
Writing contracts
Carrying out transactions and managing them on an ongoing basis until they are closed or expire

The fund’s activity is intended for qualified investors only, according to the definitions of the Israel Securities Authority, a qualified investor certificate must be provided as required.
Investors from abroad are required to meet the constitutional criteria in their countries of citizenship.

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